Internation Shoe Size *reference only

*Please Refer to Individual Size Chart AND CHECK YOUR “cm”.If Your Foot Is Broader Than Normal Then Please Order A larger Size.

The Below Charts Are A Rough Guide To Internation Sizing, The safest Option Is to Measure Your Foot and Always Buy To Your Cm,+1.5 -2 Or more depending on preference. But I would suggest that 1.5-2cm addition is sufficient for fit and comfort  If Your cm fall between two sizes take the larger, and add your preferenc[1.5-2] it may take you up again but again choose the larger size except in extreme cm diffrence[4-5cm]. If You Are Ordering the next Size up Because Your Foot Is Broad Still add Your Preference It may again take you to the next size but for comfort, It is one of the Best Options.again if there is an extream difference in cm then order the one closest to your cm,

**Please Note Due To Shipping Cost Most Shoes Are Not Boxed Packaging is secure and safe Please Leave an Order Note If Box Is required There Are Extra Fees For Boxes Due to Shipping Cost. Thankyou For understanding.